Training in Federal Procurement for the Hospitality Professional

The critical need for federal procurement education within the hospitality industry is becoming more evident with each “scandal” printed in the Washington Post. Currently the nature of training within the hospitality industry is designed for specific disciplines within the organization such as sales, revenue management, human resources, or operations, and not the hotel from a holistic perspective where the majority of the issues have occurred.

Creating a Government Meeting Sales Plan

The government marketplace is so complex that in order to effectively communicate and demonstrate your sales efforts and level set expectations, you often need a “GovSpeak to Corporate” translation for your sales plans. This webinar is a must attend for all government sales associates as you prepare to write your 2016 Government Meeting Sales Plan.

Federal Procurement Sales Cycle

Federal Hospitality Solutions has designed a federal procurement educational series of programs to address each industry discipline and showcase how each department must work together to facilitate a successful “cradle to grave” federal procurement process.
  • MODULE 1: [br] Representations & Certifications
  • MODULE 2: [br] State & Federal business opportunities in your market
  • MODULE 3: [br] Understanding the Federal Bid
  • MODULE 4: [br] Federal Contracting and Program Implementation
  • MODULE 5: [br] Billing Events through the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) and understanding record retention regulations.

Government Sales 101

This three part series has been designed for sales associates new to this complicated vertical marketplace. You need more than a glossary of terms and a goal. In this educational series, we will review the critical differences between corporate and federal procurement, processes and procedures to respond to and comply with the sealed bid process, ethics surrounding familiarization trips, site visits, and event management.
  • MODULE 1: [br] The Differences Between Corporate and Federal Contracting
  • MODULE 2: [br] Understanding Processes and Procedures in the Sealed Bid Process,
  • MODULE 3: [br] Ethics –What you need to know about familiarization trips, site visits, and event management.

Director of Sales & Marketing Needs

What Every Director of Sales & Marketing Needs to Understand About Managing Your Government Sales Professional $149

  1. The differences between corporate and federal sales opportunities
  2. How to manage your representations & certifications
  3. What you must read before your sellers submit an RFP Response
  4. Federal transient programs
  5. Federal group programs
  6. Key dates in the government marketplace
  7. What to look for to ensure and maintain compliance
  8. Recent changes to government policies
  9. The economics surrounding government meetings
  10. Ethics in government contracting

Director of Revenue Management

What Every Director of Revenue Management Should Understand about the Government Market $149

Before you decline to bid on government business, this webinar will allow you to look at business with a 360 degree view of the government event planner and contracting officer’s point of view. This session has been created for the revenue management professional to understand the implications, risks, and rewards of both declining and bidding in this important sector.

Dealing with Disasters

Dealing with Disasters: How to prepare your property for recovery efforts. $299

Advance planning for a “State of Emergency” may be critical to retain cash flow during a disaster. Most properties have emergency plans to protect property and people during a crisis, but few have a comprehensive recovery sales plan.  This experience based webinar will showcase the planning efforts your property sales team should take to capture business during both long and short term state and federal disaster recovery efforts.



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